We are a Martial Arts Academy that is focused on providing the best instruction to our students, no matter what level or age. We believe that anyone can improve their skills and completely ENJOY the process. Martial arts is fun and fantastic exercise.

Bob Mooney runs the programs and never brags about his black belt in Judo. He has a widely varied background in numerous physical skill oriented disciplines having studied Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Tai Quan Doo, and he has even been a fencing instructor. Our teams compete in local tournaments had we represent some of the best competitors in the state – Keith Murray and Lo Wan among our notable champions.

All of our members are also EMT volunteers – we’re the teams driving and riding in the ambulance when run into trouble and need assistance. Our late summer camp at Summit Falls brings all our brother and sisters out for a blast at the most beautiful spot in the world! And yes, we train up there.

We recommend that you don’t wear any jewelry when you come for classes or to just work out. Several months ago a new student thought she had lost her engagement ring at the Martial Arts Academy. We searched high and low for it. This young woman had become engaged several weeks before and wore her engagement ring which was this very dazzling sterling silver and diamond affair quite proudly on her left hand. She didn’t want to remove it for class, but we finally persuaded her to do so. So on that fateful day, she had taken a morning class. Several hours later we received a frantic call asking if anyone had found her diamond engagement ring. No one had, but we were concerned since it looked like a very expensive ring inlaid with numerous diamonds. Well, it turns out that the piece of bling jewelry was really one of the most exquisite sterling silver ring styles. It was crafted using cubic zirconia for the stones and sterling silver for the band – check these out. Aside from the fact that Cubic zirconia and sterling silver are conflict-free jewelry and not tainted by the blood diamond industry, her “fake” diamond ring was virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. There is a happy ending to this tale, the ring was found in her martial arts bag in the little zippered compartment where she had put it. Don’t know why she didn’t see it. But now when I see someone wearing fabulous looking “diamond” jewelry, I wonder if they are real diamonds or cubic zirconia.

We are partners with the Eventide Clinic which provides local medical service, just down the road. Bob Mooney also runs the clinic, and is partnered there with Dr. Robin Tilman. They specialize in age management medicine, using hormone treatments to counteract the effects of aging. Robin is also a lecturer and teaches other professionals the fruits of her research in bioidentical hormones and their efficacy in treating age related symptoms. Dr. Tilman also consulted in the building of a bioidentical testosterone website to help the public understand these new treatments. These new hormone treatments are still not condoned by many in the medical world, so there is some controversy to her practice. But her patients are very happy with their results. She consults with the Bauman Group and writes a column in the Westgrove Flyer.