Martial Arts Academy

Welcome to the Martial Arts Academy Gold Coast. We are currently under construction, but please come back and visit us in the future for information about our Martial Arts online instructions, newsletters and photos. Look for our updates, blog, and all other pertinent information regarding our very special, extraordinarily put together online Martial Arts instructions.

Being a web based studio- we can travel with you anywhere you go. Your work out will be at the tips of your fingers at any moment. We will motivate and energize you while you whether you are in doors or outdoors. One of our clients, who lives out on the west coast, likes to set up his robot pool cleaners and let them run while he practices his online classes. For those of you who don’t have the luxury of having a backyard pool, one of the necessary responsibilities of pool ownership is cleaning the sides and the bottom. Although many people still manually vacuum their pools floor and sides as part of standard pool maintenance, to the delight of pool owners, technological advances have resulted in automated pool cleaning devices. These robotic pool cleaners collect debris and sediment from pools with minimum human intervention. Another one of of clients often sets up his roomba floor cleaner while he works on his high kicks! The multitasking possibilities are endless.

Online martial arts classes are not very common. It takes a very specific kind of instructor to be able to help you without being in front of you. It also takes a very particular kind of student. You can have great results at your convenience as long as you are dedicated. Dedication can be hard, you must be your own motivator!

Sometimes online classes are easier when you decide to workout with another person. You can help to keep each other track and focused. People have work out buddies when they go to the gym or even take a regular class, so why not with a virtual class?!

Currently we are accumulating the materials we need to move this process forward but it has been a slow going process. This type of revolutionary program has been a long time coming. We hope to be able to see the same type of results you would see when actually attending a gym with an instructor right there in front of you. Of course you will have the chance to speak with an instructor often enough if everything comes together as planned. You will be getting some personal attention every class we intend to make sure of that.
As you can imagine a project of this magnitude has been taking some time to set up for logistical reasons. First the right people have to be found to operate such a program. You also have to find the needed materials & set up the inner workings. This is taking much time. Much more time than can be spared in some cases but even if it is not finished overnight, when it is done it will be great. Please note this project is still moving ahead. If you have any suggestions or want to help some how please feel free to get in touch & we will find something for you to help with if we can.