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* Overall Coordination *
If you take any type of martial art you will experience an improvement in coordination. Some of them will improve it more than others but they all help this area. They may not all improve your coordination equally but they will all make you more flexible as well as improve your overall strength. Be sure you pick choose someplace you feel comfortable. Make sure you like the teacher & other people around the class. If you do this it will increase the chance you will stay.

* Friends *
Some of the Martial Arts will attract a more aggressive type of person & you will find that people who have some level of experience may have a different outlook when they attend people will be friendly in general. You will be impressed by how people befriend you in almost all of the martial arts almost as soon as you enter the class. It will not take long to tell if a particular class or style is not for you but do not be afraid to join another until you find one you are comfortable with.

* Humility *
Having a good teacher in the martial arts is an excellent experience because they can change the way you view life. They can change the very way you think. You may go in with a certain thought process & after some time you may have an entirely different way of seeing things. The most important thing in finding a good teacher is to interact with them. Watch how they interact with students. Make sure you are comfortable with the teaching style & in most cases you will find that through their own teachings they have learned to be humble. They will indeed pass that lesson on to those they teach.

* Discipline *
Sometimes you will feel like the last thing on earth you want to do is go to class. You will think that it is too hard or not worth it. You will feel like nothing you try during training seems to be working for you but if you stick with it & learn to exert discipline to continue on through these feelings you sill grow as a person & be able to apply the same attribute to other areas of your life. Having discipline is a required in all martial arts.

* Attitude *
There is a definite psychological benefit to all of the martial arts. You will, after time, take a whole new outlook on life. You will find that most of the skills you have learned are transferable in one way or another to the other aspects of your life & you will find that you have a much rosier outlook on life altogether. These seem to be the underlying benefits that I have witnessed in almost every instance during my experiences.